1. Walk at least 20 minutes/day for the following week after your intervention
  2. Avoid any activity with impact
  3. If it has been recomemended to you, wear your compression stocking for 2 weeks after your treatment
  4. If you feel slight pain or discomfort, you can take tylenol. Do not take advil or any other anti-inflammatory medication to not interfere with the treatment. The treatment aims to provoke an inflammatory reaction in the vein in order to allow sclerosis to form.
  5. Avoid the sun and hot baths for the 2 following weeks
  6. Avoid long immobilisation standing or sitting
  7. Develop good habits. Raise your legs for 5 minutes at a time once or twice a day or stand on the tip of your toes a few times a day to promote blood flow through your legs
  8. Wear shoes with a small heel if you work standing  and for walks
  9. Avoid non medicinal socks that are tight and interfere with blood flow
  10. Avoid shapewear or sculpting shorts
  11. Avoid any leg or thigh massage around the period of your treatment