Foam sclerotherapy involves injecting a special foam sclerosant into the varicose veins instead of the liquid sclerosant employed in conventional sclerotherapy. Modern foam sclerotherapy has revolutionised the treatment of varicose veins and is now used successfully on all types of varicose veins. The functional results of sclerotherapy are thus equivalent to the surgical removal of a varicose vein.

The foam used in foam sclerotherapy basically acts in the same way as liquid sclerosant – but has an even more powerful effect, because the blood does not dilute and carry away foam as quickly as it does liquid sclerosant. This is particularly important in large varicose veins, as the foam can act longer on the vein walls making its effects more powerful.

The foam formulation has a few advantages over the liquid formulation, although patients should seek consultation with a medical professional who is familiar with the treatments to help determine which treatment or procedure is right for them.


  • Larger veins can be targeted and removed much easier, faster and with little to no pain.
  • No general or local anaesthesia is required
  • No incisions necessary, no resultant scars
  • The only method that can be used for all types of varicose veins
  • A vein that has been treated can be treated again at any time; this is very difficult after surgery and not possible with thermal methods
  • Easily combined with other methods – for instance, with procedures that are only suitable for trunk veins
  • Very suitable for the elderly or overweight patients

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